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For awnings in N.J., it’s PatioShades Retractable Awnings of Bridgewater, N.J. From North Jersey to South Jersey, plus New York City and surrounding areas, we are New Jersey’s preferred retailer of awnings, pergolas, roofs and professional-quality shading.

PatioShades Awnings is particularly well-suited to serve the needs of our commercial customers, looking to make an exquisite, useful addition to their condominium, warehouse, storefront, industrial complex or any large building for which either comfort, design or style matters.

If you own or operate a commercial or industrial building, or if you have a street-facing storefront and wish to command more attention, or if your home needs to be furnished with an extra measure of protection from the weather, or if you’re a socialite looking to entertain guests with a unique flair that gets noticed and talked about…whatever your concern, desire or situation, PatioShades Retractable Awnings has the solution – and at a price competitive with, and a quality superior to, any other shade manufacturer or distributor in the business. In the New Jersey market, PatioShades is the advantageous decision for businessowners and homeowners alike.

What’s great about the way Patio Shades does the awnings business is the empowerment of choice we offer our customers. You can either do-it-yourself (DIY), or if you need some assistance with the installation of your brand new awnings in N.J., we can provide help with that too.

We are a proven, experienced, Internet-based awnings provider with access to some of the world’s highest quality awnings, window and door shadings and pergolas. The awnings with which we decorate N.J. are produced by Italian manufacturers who have earned the highest reputations for quality and endurance. Then our awnings are customized and hand-crafted right here in the USA, so you can feel good about making a valuable addition to your home, office or place of business that also makes you look good. We proudly serve the residents and businesses of New Jersey from our central Bridgewater location, entirely in synchronicity with our full-service website, In N.J., our awnings are – like our motto says – Hand-Crafted, Above The Rest™.

The process is straightforward, and we make it as easy as possible every step of the way. With the aid of our on-line Awnings Architect, we provide instructions on how to take accurate measurements of the space you wish to shade. Then, our Awnings Architect can point you to the right spots on our site,, where you can choose what style, color and other options you need for your awnings addition, as well as view the technical details of your retractable awnings, which can be electronically motorized or solely mechanical.

Then, when you receive your wholly customized, personally fitted awning products, it is time to install – and this is where Patio Shades Awnings really separate ourselves from our competitors throughout New Jersey and elsewhere. If you require assistance in hanging and properly implementing your new awning, PatioShades can make that easy with expert hands-on installation help, which is just a phone call or an e-mail away. For awnings in N.J., call 908-259-4969 or 1-844-NU-PATIO or send e-mail to [email protected]

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