Retractable Roofs & Pergolas by Patio Shades

It’s like adding a room outside the house.

A pergola is a must-have for either the party-thrower or the nature buff. Pergolas – sometimes called “arbors” or “arbours” – are stand-alone structures which provide cover against the elements (rain, snow, direct sunlight) while allowing your family and your guests to experience the natural glory of the great outdoors.

Often, homeowners install a pergola over a garden or other highlighted yard feature. Many choose to put lounge chairs or a picnic table underneath the comfort of their totally customizable pergola. Others want the unique views you get with your very own pergola shade.

Retractable-roof pergolas offered by Patio Shades are self-supporting, functionally versatile, straightforward to install, low-maintenance and easily affordable. Right away, your neighbors and visitors will notice the attractive nature of your outdoor retractable-roof pergola, and you’ll quickly find your pergola to be the life of the party…not to mention a great place to watch the world go by, without having to worry about getting burned or getting wet.

Call Patio Shades today at 844-NU-PATIO and consult with our expert Awning Architect about which model of pergola best fits your needs. We have roofed solutions which can be seamlessly tied in to your existing construction, and we have free-standing structures which give your property an entirely new appeal – all in your choice of color, style and size.

We invite you to see for yourself the comfort, attractiveness and fun you’ll enjoy with a retractable-roof pergola from Patio Shades to call your very own.

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