Residential Awnings DC

Essentially, with Patio Shades Retractable Awnings, it’s a three-step procedure for getting brand new window, walkway and door protective shading in DC: 1. Measure; 2. Install; 3. Relax.
Patio Shades is there for you every step of the way. With our on-line Awnings Architect, we assist you in picking out the right awning or shading product for you. With our website, we help you determine the correct measurements the awning must be to protect what you need it to protect. With our mascot, Frank the Flamingo, we aid in the process of actually installing your retractable awning – and should you require more hands-on assistance, just ask us and we can arrange for a professional installer to make a visit to your home or property and bring the entire project to useful life.

Contact us at your convenience at [email protected] or 1-844-NU-PATIO (or (703) 520-1983 in Washington DC) with any and all inquiries about our awnings, what will look best on your home and how we can help turn that idea into a true reality from which your family, your guests, your neighbors and your investment portfolio will benefit.
You can consider our range of unique, distinctive solar- and weather-protection products on offer from Patio Shades as akin to a beautiful shade tree that never loses its branches or leaves and never needs to be watered. That’s the sort of access to the outdoors you’ll receive, and that’s the level of eye-catching, inviting attractiveness Patio Shades can add to your Washington DC residence.

We at Patio Shades have developed a reliable distribution network for residential awnings which spans the country and the world. That’s why we can say we import materials from one of the most reputable and highest-quality manufacturers of custom retractable awnings – SummerSpace® – to our DC, location.

We invite you to click around our website, (or, equivalently, and explore our range of offerings in the genre of awnings, pergolas, door and window shades, motorized and mechanical coverings and more. One of the qualities that raises Patio Shades above our competition in the awnings market is our ability to provide you with total choice of color, style and size, meaning you know exactly what you’re getting when your shipment arrives at your door.

We combine world-renowned awnings and pergolas with top-quality American workmanship. Your assurance for total quality is guaranteed by both the manufacturers’ and Patio Shades’ reputation. Throughout the entire process, from the first click on to the final fastening of the awning over your door or window, you – the Patio Shades client – maintain absolute control over the look, appearance and usable functionality of your unique new retractable, motorized or mechanical awning. That’s how we can be certain of your satisfaction: We work with you to ensure it.

For your improved quality of life, weather protection, investment enhancement and enjoyment of the natural outdoors, it’s Patio Shades Retractable Awnings when you need a shading solution for your Washington DC home that’s Hand-Crafted, Above The Rest™.

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