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Creating a welcoming feel for your customers is a significant part of earning their business. When you’re in the business of generating foot-traffic to generate a profit – such as a restaurant, café, home goods store, pawn shop, mom-and-pop shop or baseball card store – you need the door to your business to be unmistakable and irresistible.

Patio Shades can provide the storefront, entryway or front door to your business with that distinctive, attractive look that keeps the customers coming to do business with you.

One of the hallmarks of awnings and other shading products offered by Patio Shades is the complete customizability of what you purchase. Not only do we offer a wide range of designs both modern and classic, plus the full spectrum of colors and the latest in innovative products, Patio Shades also gives you the unique option of imprinting your company’s name and logo on the fabric of the shade – for a professional appearance you couldn’t make any other way.

As a commercial enterprise, you have concerns not shared by many of our homeowner clients. Need a more nuanced design? You got it: Patio Shades offers domed, partially domed and cascaded styles to fit your existing structure and your business’s personality. Safety and security? We’ve thought of that: Our retractable products can conceal their moving parts, engineered to prevent accidents while adding to the awning’s seamless integration.

See how much busier your business can get. Call Patio Shades today at 844-NU-PATIO and ask for your free consultation with our on-staff Awning Architect. With one simple addition to the way your business looks, you can dramatically change the way your business is viewed.

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