Custom Commercial Awnings That Attract More Customers!

Build Brand Recognition With a New Retractable Awning for Your Business

Patio Shades is the company other companies depend upon to provide the sort of awnings, canopies, and visually-attractive weather-protective shades that match both their budget and style.

Imagine new awnings for your storefront, awnings for your windows or entryway doors, or a custom-made canopy on-site at your business, clad in your business’ colors, just inviting people in.

The reasons for a commercial awning are numerous:

  • Protect Visitors from Sun or Rain
  • Get Your Choice of Fabrics and Colors, Framed by Steel or Aluminum
  • Reinforce the Image Your Company Wants To Project

Whether you operate a chain of restaurants in the Washington/Baltimore area, a portfolio of office buildings in New York, or a group of hotels in Los Angeles, there’s one surefire way to welcome your customer to your site: Install a beautiful new retractable awning.

Awnings Give Businesses That Extra Edge

Any Public-Facing Company Can Benefit From the Shade and Branding a New Awning Projects

Creating a welcoming feel for your customer is a significant part of earning their business. When you’re in the business of generating foot-traffic to generate a profit – such as restaurants, cafés, hotels, home goods store, pawn shop, mom-and-pop shop, or baseball card store – you need the entrance door to be unmistakable and irresistible.

Patio Shades can provide the storefront, entryway or front door with that distinctive, attractive look that keeps your target customer coming to do business with you.

One of the hallmarks of awnings, canopies, and other shading products offered by Patio Shades is the complete customizability of what you purchase. Not only do we offer a wide range of designs both modern and classic, plus the full spectrum of colors and the latest in innovation, Patio Shades also gives you the unique option of imprinting your company’s name and logo on the fabric of the shade – for a professional appearance you couldn’t make any other way.

A Commercial Awning Is a Great Marketing Tool

Awnings Help Advertise & Sell Restaurants, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Etc.

If you own a store, but nobody can find it – even when they search – you might as well not have a store at all.

A commercial awning is always at work on behalf of your company. When there’s an awning deployed over your shop storefront, gloriously illuminated by the sun, it acts like a brilliantly lit sign advertising your company and directing the customer straight to your site.

Basically, a commercial awning is a tireless marketer of businesses.

A Commercial Awning Is a Smart Investment

Weather Protection and Brand Reinforcement In One Durable Shade!

As a commercial enterprise, you have concerns not shared by many of our homeowner clients.

Need a more nuanced design? You got it: Patio Shades offers domed, partially domed and cascaded styles to fit your existing structure and your business’s personality.

Safety and security? We’ve thought of that: Our retractable products can conceal their moving parts, engineered to prevent accidents and protect users while adding to the awning’s seamless integration.

How about putting your logo on the awning? We can make that happen: Patio Shades produces commercial awnings that display any logo in any color.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Contact Patio Shades for Custom Commercial Awnings

See how much busier your company can get. Install new window awnings, door awnings, and outdoor canopies to increase your visibility, broadcast your brand’s message, and improve the perception of your business among your target clientele.

At Patio Shades, we take everything into account when consulting about your commercial awning. We match the color to your request, recommend the most durable fabrics to withstand your local climate conditions, help you measure the dimensions the awning’s aluminum frame will have to fit, and make sure the awning ships right to your commercial address, right on time for installation.

Let’s get started on your commercial awnings project. In Washington, Baltimore, New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Miami, call Patio Shades at 844-NU-PATIO. Ask for your free estimate and consultation with our on-staff Awning Architect.

With the simple addition of a commercial awning, you can dramatically change the way your business is viewed.

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