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The Open-Air Cabana by Patio Shades: Custom Style & Shady Comfort


Cabanas Are Perfect for Pools, Patios & Yards – Durable, Colorful & More Affordable Than a Pergola!


Choose Among 24 Tempotest® Fabrics & Nine SummerShield™
Frame Colors

Enjoy the Great Outdoors in shady comfort, even when it’s sunny outside!SummerSpace Cabana

Built by SummerSpace®, the manufacturer redefining outdoor living, Open Air Cabanas by Patio Shades combine commercial-level strength with resort-style chic. As versatile stand-alone structures, cabanas are preferred by discerning homeowners and high-class business entrepreneurs due to their simplicity, durability, and dazzling array of optional features.

With the ability to lower the temperature by as much as 20 degrees, an Open Air Cabana turns a hot spot on your pool deck, terrace, or patio into the perfect place to relax!

Why an Open Air Cabana Is a Superior Solution for Outdoor Shading


Create the Ideal Place for Quiet Relaxation, Outdoor Entertaining or Alfresco Dining!

Imagine the possibilities with an Open Air Cabana providing a shaded, protected, welcoming oasis from the Sun! You could:

  • Invite friends over for a pool party
  • Host the summer’s coolest shindig
  • Throw a backyard barbecue
  • Catch up on your reading list in comfort
  • Engage in private meditation amid the serenity of Nature

There are three main options to create outdoor shading, including an attached retractable awning and a retractable-roof pergola. Many customers find the third choice – an aluminum-framed Open CabanasAir Cabana – to be the right shade structure for their needs.

Why? Because an Open Air Cabana provides the shade they want, just where they need it.

More Advantages of Installing an Open Air Cabana


Custom Cabanas by Patio Shades Are Versatile, Cost-Effective & Built To Last

There’s a lot to like about an Open Air Cabana. It creates a gazebo-style shaded area that protects people from the Sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays while serving as an attractive, stylish addition to any backyard.

But there are more excellent reasons to consider a cabana:

The right size at the right spot. Maybe your patio is too big for a pergola, or you need shade where an awning can’t reach. Patio Shades’ Open Air Cabanas come in three shapes – Square, Rectangle, and Octagon – and a variety of preset sizes, so you get shade right where you want it.

Versatility. Unlike retractable awnings, Open Air Cabanas aren’t attached to the house, restaurant, or office building. So they’re ideal for pools, spas, and outdoor seating areas.

Affordability. Open Air Cabanas are generally less expensive than Retractable-Roof Pergolas of similar size.

Durability. Framed by heavy-duty extruded aluminum metal two inches thick, our Open Air Cabanas are constructed with ultra-strong tapered legs, so they can stand up to the wind. Cabanas can be mounted to a concrete or wooden platform, and are built to handle the weight of snow.

Feel like you’re taking a vacation at home with a resort-style Open Air Cabana.

Features of the Open Air Cabanas For Sale by Patio Shades


Vented Roof Systems, Inverted Buttress Legs, Anchored Footing, and More

With features and options from top to bottom, you have a choice with nearly every component of your new Open Air Cabana.Open Air Cabana

The Vector Vent Roof features a cupola air-ventilation system for maximum comfort. The roof berms are strong enough to support a fan or lighting system. Plus, our cabana roofs are coated with a UV-inhibiting finish, so they’ll never fade, rust, or tarnish.

The “fast straps” on the Easy Roof Tensioning System allow you to smooth out the fabric of your cabana. No special tools or techniques required; just pull the strap and secure it for a tight, taut fabric roof.

Adorned by Tempotest®, the best outdoor fabrics in the industry, our Tempotest® Fabric Tops come with dozens of choices in stripes, solids, and linen weaves. Plus, your cabana fabric is simple to replace.

Reinforced by an innovative inverted buttress shape, the Tapered Leg Design provides a level strength and support not commonly found in outdoor shading structures.

Bolted with three heavy-duty screws per leg, Anchored Footing keeps your Open Air Cabana securely fastened to a concrete, wood, or composite surface.cabana mounting

We offer a Deck Perimeter Kit to perfectly fit your Open Air Cabana to the deck’s sub-frame. This kit conceals the deck edges and floor joists, encloses the perimeter so animals can’t make a home underneath your cabana, and gives it a fully finished look. Choose among Espresso, Mineral Gray, Sand, and Forest Green trim colors.

We’ll Customize Your Open Air Cabana To Your Specifications


Compliment Your Style or Make a Statement With Options for Colors, Patterns & Privacy Accessories

Open Air Cabanas for sale by Patio Shades come in a vibrant lineup of colors and patterns. We start with your choice of Tempotest® fabric. The selection includes Brown Cream, Meadow White, Brushed Silver, Pacific Blue and more than 20 other high-quality fabrics.

In addition to choosing your fabric, you also get to choose your textured frame color, such as Almond, Burgundy, and Navy Blue, to name a few. The consultants at Patio Shades can help you mix-and-match to discover the right color combination for your cabana.

Enjoy your privacy? Let’s talk about Corner Curtains and Privacy Panels. Block the view from outside and get more shade inside with just one pull. Fabrics for these draperies come in White, Silver, or Toffee, with ties to match.

What About Installing Your New Open Air Cabana?


Whether It’s a Residential or Commercial Installation, Patio Shades Is Here To Help

It requires professional installers to securely fasten an Open Air Cabana to your patio, spa, or pool deck. Patio Shades will work with you to provide professional installation at your home or place of business – with guaranteed results.

Call Patio Shades For Your Custom Open Air Cabana


Enjoy the Great Outdoors Even More With an Attractive, Long-Lasting Shade Structure

We can turn a sunny space into a cool place – just install a new Open Air Cabana from Patio Shades.

Contact our outdoor shading experts for a free consultation. Call us at 1-844-NU-PATIO (1-844-687-2846), or email us at [email protected].

Let’s go over all the features and options, discuss installation of your new Open Air Cabana, and answer your questions. We look forward to showing you why the shade products from Patio Shades are Hand-Crafted, Above the Rest!

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