SummerSpace Performance Series Retractable Awnings

The SummerSpace® Performance Series of Retractable Awning from Patio Shades

Plenty of Options, Beautiful Fabrics, an Array of Color Combos – and the Strongest Retractable Awnings You Could Buy

So you’re thinking about new Retractable Awnings for your home or business. Let’s think about it. What’s one of the most crucial qualities your retractable awning must have in order to perform as well as you need it to?

Strength. It’s gotta be strong. Mechanical or motorized, your new retractable awning by Patio Shades will reside outside for its entire life. So it needs to hold up against the hostile elements of year-round weather – the beating sun, the whipping wind, the piling snow.*

The SummerSpace® Performance Series of Retractable Awnings for sale online by Patio Shades is the top of the line, from fabric to frame.

What Makes the Performance Series So Strong?

The Performance Series by SummerSpace® is an impressively well-built lineup of awnings, overhangs and outdoor shading solutions. Whether you choose Full-Cassette, Semi-Cassette, or Traditional builds, every Performance Series frame is constructed with the finest materials in the awning industry:

  • Drop-forged aluminum arm-joint components, hammered into shape and extruded into the body of the awning.
  • High-grade aircraft-quality extrusions with a durable electrostatic SummerShield™ powder-coated finish exceeding AAMA 2604 specifications.
  • Patented articulating forged shoulder to allow easy adjustment of your awning’s pitch, up to 45 degrees.

You can literally hear the strength. Tap on the frames of many retractable awnings on the market, you can hear the hollow sound. Tap on the frame of our German-manufactured 20-year-warrantied SummerSpace® Performance Series retractable awning from Patio Shades, and it sounds like hitting an aluminum baseball bat. Feels like it too.

It’s How You Finish: A Durable, Upscale Finish for Stunning, Long-Lasting Frame Colors

SummerSpace® is a leader in the retractable awning industry because the quality of manufacture is unrivaled, from the frame’s aluminum to its colorful finish.

Every awning frame by SummerSpace® from Patio Shades is coated with a super-durable, rich, luxuriant finish that includes ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors to help resist fading and hold the resplendent frame color – your choice of Espresso, Sand, Almond, or White – for many enjoyable years to come.

As you’d expect from a high-performance awning, the frame finish is lightly textured, low-gloss, and infused with anti-microbial technology to keep your retractable awning low-maintenance and looking great.

Strong Against the Sun: Fabulous Fabrics by Tempotest®

The fabric of your retractable awning has to be strong to protect you from the sun. SummerSpace® awnings from Patio Shades are manufactured by Tempotest®, the leading manufacturer of reliable, durable, brilliant awning fabric.

With more than 250 choices all covered by a 10-year warranty, the fabrics offered by the SummerSpace® Performance Series of retractable awnings are both exquisitely beautiful and superbly well-made.

Start with SummerSpace® exclusive Linen Weave Collection of earth-tone colors – Sand Dune, Toasted Sesame, Brushed Silver, Cobble Stone, and Simply Charcoal – crisply woven into a texture and hue that strongly withstands the test of time, always showing the look you want.

Then there are solids, stripes, textures & tweeds – more than 100 options to choose from, like Seagrass, Latte, Sunshine and Pacific Blue.

Mix and match fabrics to get a customized look that matches your unique taste and personality. You can’t go wrong with Tempotest® fabrics on SummerSpace® retractable awnings from Patio Shades – so you’ll get exactly the awning you want!

Choose among Traditional, Semi-Cassette, and Full-Cassette Models

The SummerSpace® Performance Series of retractable awnings comes in three (3) top-of-the-line high-performance models that are ideal for either residential or commercial installation.

With incredible strength and an aero-dynamic appearance, the semi-cassetted model is designed to blend with the building, making a perfect fit when retracted and making a visual statement when open.

The SummerSpace® Semi-Cassette Retractable Awning features articulating shoulders for easy pitch control, drop-forged arm and shoulder components for greater durability, an integrated hood that completely covers the fabric when retracted, and a sleek front bar that closes tightly around the roll for even more protection.

The fully cassetted model by SummerSpace® is perfect for places with limited space to mount and install a retractable awning. Incredibly compact when closed, it needs just six (6) inches of space for mounting. The awning tucks away discreetly into the lines of the exterior, complimenting the building’s design while completely protecting the fabric roll.

Go for the SummerSpace® Full-Cassette Retractable Awning when space is an issue.

Just because it’s called the traditional model of retractable awning by SummerSpace® doesn’t mean it’s old and stodgy. Sleek design and superior strength characterize the Traditional Retractable Awning by SummerSpace®.

The fabric-wrapped front bar and valance provide a touch of elegance, and the arms and shoulders are built of drop-forged aluminum, making it the choice for those wanting classic style and commercial strength.

Customize Your Awning’s Size and Add a Drop Screen for Extra Comfort

All SummerSpace® Performance Series retractable awnings come in custom sizes to provide a perfect fit. Pick any number of inches as your awning’s width, up to 24 inches for the Full-Cassette model and up to 26 inches for the Traditional and Semi-Cassette models. The Performance Series lineup of awnings is one of the best for coverage, projecting outward from 6 feet, 11 inches, to a sun-eclipsing 14 feet, 6 inches.

But what about when the sun is just rising or setting, and that red glare beams into your windows (and your eyes) from below your awning’s reach? SummerSpace® has the solution: Drop screens provide additional shade and privacy to any deck or patio. Available in any of six (6) elegantly colorful Phifer Sheerweave solar-mesh fabrics, drop screens are wonderful features to add to your custom awning installation.

Patio Shades Is Your Friend in the Retractable Awning Business

We’re in a shady business – and business is good!

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The strength of Patio Shades is in the undeniable quality of our awnings and the unrelenting work we do to make sure you’re happy with your new awning installation.

We’re confident you’ll be pleased with your new awning from Patio Shades, because our products are Hand-Crafted, Above the Rest. Working in partnership with one of the world’s premier manufacturers of retractable awnings, SummerSpace®, we fulfill their motto of making Outdoor Living Redefined.

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