SummerSpace FlexShade Screen Systems

The SummerSpace® FlexShade Retractable Screen Systems from Patio Shades Awnings

Take Total Control Over Your Outdoor Privacy and Comfort

You come out to your deck or porch or patio to enjoy the outdoors in comfort, right? You’ve got some chairs, maybe a table for a beverage or a meal, everything set up for your comfort, and you’re ready to relax.

But then the insects take notice of you. The sun creeps down into your view. People are out, too, and that’s great – unless it happens to be your alone time, or family time, or just the two of you. You’d like the option of going private – after all, it’s your deck, porch or patio.

Here’s the perfect solution to keep out bugs, the sun, even any prying eyes: FlexShade Retractable Screen Systems by SummerSpace®, the leading retailer of high-quality awnings, screens and shades that create a true outdoor oasis for homeowners, and available for sale online or over-the-phone by Patio Shades Retractable Awnings.

These Retractable, Cassetted Exterior Shading Systems Screen Out Insects and the Sun

Claim your piece of the Great Outdoors with SummerSpace® FlexShade Retractable Exterior Screen Systems from Patio Shades. It’s the simple, reliable, affordable way to add living space to your home – and SummerSpace® owns a sterling reputation in the retractable awnings and outdoor shading industry for being durable, beautiful, easy to maintain and easy to use.

There’s a reason SummerSpace® offers Outdoor Living Redefined – and it’s the same reason why we at Patio Shades Retractable Awnings are proud providers of fine SummerSpace® products, because they’re the best in the business.

That’s especially true for the SummerSpace® lineup of FlexShade Exterior Sun and Insect Screen Systems. Retractable at the touch of a button, fully cassetted to protect the fabric when retracted, and incredibly durable to withstand the elements, FlexShade Screen Systems give you power to block out the sun and stave off the bugs – in unbeatable comfort and style.

Option One: SummerSpace® FlexShade Zip XL Retractable Drop-Screen

Perfect when you’re trying to screen off an extra-wide opening. Revolutionary in design, the FlexShade Zip XL is superb for insect control, solar shading, and privacy. This model integrates with your wall, creating the ideal protective barrier.

The Zip XL model covers widths up to an astounding 25 feet! Plus, they retract smoothly in seconds, combining low-maintenance functionality with high-quality materials.

Option Two: SummerSpace® FlexShade Zip Traditional Retractable Drop-Screen

When you just need to shade a narrow space, the FlexShade Zip Traditional is the top option. Built in is a Zip retention channel that seals the screen’s sides to your home, completely blocking out insects.

At the same time, the breeze flows, the glare of the Sun is diminished, and you can enjoy your outdoor space in comfort and privacy.

Option Three: SummerSpace® FlexShade Non-Zip Retractable Drop-Screen

If all you want is to hang a curtain that dims the light, you want the FlexShade Non-Zip hanging in front of your deck, porch or patio.

Available up to 16 feet wide and/or up to 11 feet tall, the Non-Zip option is excellent for enjoying the late afternoon without being blinded by the Sun. Side channels or cables keep the screen in place in light breezes (though this product is not side-secured and therefore not intended for heavy wind conditions).

The Right Frame Color, The Right Size, The Right Screen Mesh – From the Right Manufacturer

You can customize your SummerSpace® FlexShade Retractable Outdoor Screen to the inch and the hue.

Choose the perfect frame color. Select among five (5) low-gloss finely textured frame colors – White, Sand, Black, Almond, and Charcoal Bronze – or go with the gloss of Smooth Silver. You can’t go wrong: All SummerSpace® FlexShade Screens have frames tinted with luxurious powder coatings, leaving a super-durable finish that includes ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors to maintain a fade-resistant look. Plus, they come with anti-microbial technology to keep out mold and bacteria. (These FlexShade Screens really keep everything out!)

Choose the perfect size. SummerSpace® FlexShade Zip Screen Systems come in custom sizes up to 25 feet wide and/or 16 feet tall. Plus, the headbox cassette (square, angled, or curved) that protects the rolled-up fabric is only five inches by five inches (5″x5″), so it’ll fit snugly against and blend seamlessly with your home’s exterior.

Choose the perfect fabric mesh. There are literally dozens of options for meshes. Fabrics come in a dazzling array of colors and opacities, giving your screen an exquisite look that’s as beautiful as it is functional.

Call Patio Shades Today for All the Answers about SummerSpace® FlexShade Screen Systems

You deserve to have total control over your comfort and privacy whenever you, your family, or your guests want to be outside. SummerSpace® FlexShade Residential Retractable Exterior Screens – both Zip and Non-Zip systems – give you that control.

One call to Patio Shades at 1-844-NU-PATIO (1-844-687-2846) and you’re in charge while on your porch, deck, or patio. Keep out bugs, keep out of sight – even keep the Sun from peeking in!

The world-class, made-in-the-USA lineup of FlexShade Retractable Screens for sale online by Patio Shades sets new industry standards for quality, strength, and craftsmanship. All SummerSpace® awnings, shades, and screens feature the strongest commercial-grade drop-forged aluminum frames and the finest mesh fabric materials, so they’ll hold their beauty, work like they should, and provide many years of protection and comfort.

So give Patio Shades a call for more details, options, possibilities, and always a FREE estimate on awnings and shades that are Hand-Crafted, Above the Rest. Make an appointment to discuss your FlexShade Retractable Screen project with our Awnings Architect, and let’s find the right size, color, and fabric for your outdoor shading system.

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