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Patio Shades’ Tension Zip Shade System Is the Perfect Pergola Addition!


These Motorized Remote-Controlled Solar Screens Fit Nicely Over Pergolas, Porches, and Skylights


Our SummerSpace® FlexShade® Tension Zip Pergola and Skylight Shade System Protects You From the Glaring Sun and the Howling Wind!

Do you own an outdoor pergola? Does your house have skylights? Is your porch, patio or deck open to the bright glare and beating heat of the sun?

If you answered Yes to any of these, you should consider a retractable FlexShade® Tension Zip Pergola and Skylight Shade System by SummerSpace®, for sale now by Patio Shades Awnings.Solar Screens

Offered in a variety of colors, the Tension Zip System is the affordable way to enjoy more shade. It discreetly fits over existing pergolas, skylights, porches, and decks. It stands up strong against even the hardest wind gales while keeping you, your family, your guests and/or your customers cool, comfortable, and out of the sun!

What Are the Advantages of Owning a Tension Zip Solar Shading System?


This High-Quality Solar Screen Is Loaded With Features and Options

With size dimensions ranging from 40 inches to 16 feet in width, and 12 inches to 20 feet in length when fully retracted, the Tension Zip Solar Shade System provides cool, refreshing shade where you want it most.

But that’s not the only reason to call Patio Shades and ask about Tension Zip. Here are just a few additional features of this innovative, industry-leading product:

  • Unlike some pergola screens that go underneath the roof, the Tension Zip Solar Shade System is installed on top of the pergola’s sliding or louvered roof.
  • It’s extremely wind-tolerant, thanks to a side-channel fabric-retention track which securely holds the fabric along its length, preventing the fabric from billowing in the wind.
  • It’s motorized and remote-controlled (with an optional WiFi app), so you have protection from the sun with the push of a button.
  • Optional solar-powered rain sensors automatically retract the Tension Zip System into its cassette to help prevent possible damage if accidentally left open in the rain.
  • The frame is made of extruded aluminum and stainless steel fasteners for ultimate durability, and sealed ball bearings provide a quiet, smooth deployment and retraction.
  • When installed over a skylight, the Tension Zip Solar Shade System can reduce your air conditioning expenses by up to 60%. That’s because these shades Solar Shadesblock up to 99% of incoming solar heat.
  • Use the Tension Zip System to cover one area, or connect several together to provide protection for an even larger area – the perfect solution for outdoor kitchens and restaurants!
  • Six color choices for the powder-coated frame: White, Sand, Black, Almond, Bronze, and Smooth Silver.
  • Four openness/opacity factors for the shading fabric: 1%, 3%, 5%, and 10%.

The Tension Zip Solar Shade System boasts a sleek design and seamless integration onto your existing pergola or skylight. Give yourself the ultimate in solar shading over your outdoor dining area, patio, deck, terrace or fire pit with the Tension Zip System from Patio Shades.

The Tension Zip Solar Shade System Is Fully Warrantied From Frame to Fabric to Motor


This SummerSpace® FlexShade® Product Comes With a Great Warranty

Patio Shades sells top-quality shading products by SummerSpace®, the company redefining outdoor living. When you purchase the Tension Zip Solar Shade System, you’re also getting the peace-of-mind that you’re protected by multiple manufacturer warranties:

  • Ten-year warranty on the extruded aluminum frame
  • Ten-year warranty on the shading fabric
  • Five-year warranty on the motor controlling the retractable roof

With Tension Zip, you’ll enjoy the Great Outdoors in unmatched comfort for many years to come.

What About Installing the Tension Zip On Your Pergola or Skylight?


Patio Shades Works With You To Ensure the Best Solar-Screen Installation

For most homeowners and business owners, installing a new motorized retractable solar screen is not a do-it-yourself job. That’s why Patio Shades works with our customers to find the right Pergola Solar Shadeslocal contractors to install the Tension Zip System over their skylight or pergola.

If your home has skylights on the roof, or you have a sturdy pergola out in the yard, the SummerSpace® FlexShade® Tension Zip Pergola and Skylight Shade System is an effective, affordable, attractive addition to put on it.

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