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Window Awnings by Patio Shades

Genuine luxury and true comfort can be yours…with one simple addition to your family’s home.

From the moment you install a high-quality, hand-crafted Patio Shades window awning on your home, you’ll see immediate rewards. Not only will your family benefit from increased protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation, you will see a tremendous enhancement in your home’s beauty and value, making it a more inviting place for your guests and a more livable space for your pets, kids and everyone else.

Window awnings by Patio Shades are fully customizable, ensuring that this elegant new feature is your home’s perfect match in color, style and size. With the right window awning by Patio Shades, you really can’t go wrong.

Patio Shades is proud to offer the time-tested quality of SummerSpace®, among the world’s premier names in outdoor shading.  Working with SummerSpace®, there’s really no limit to how your Patio Shades window awning can look and what it can do.

Call Patio Shades today at 844-NU-PATIO and work with our Awning Architect. Whether you wish to protect and enhance a long bay window, add a dose of European flair or create a distinctive, classic look for your neighbors to get jealous about, Patio Shades combines beauty with affordability to make those wishes come true.

Let us show you why more and more homeowners across the country are discovering window awnings by Patio Shades as the ideal compliment to their family’s home.

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