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If you live in Maryland, you already know: We get every season here. Sometimes all in one day. Drizzling rain, beating sun, howling wind, even those pesky bugs – whether you’re in Frederick or Baltimore or Crisfield, there’s a lot of rather graphic elements to the weather around here, so you need something that screens you from those harsh conditions while letting you, your family, and all the visitors to your home continue to enjoy the Great Outdoors.

That’s how an awning can provide an invaluable service. A retractable awning installed on your Maryland home is the perfect solution to enjoying outdoor living space without suffering from all that the outdoors can bring. With custom-made, American-manufactured retractable patio awnings from Patio Shades, you can immerse yourself in the wonders of nature . . . while never leaving the comfort of the shade!

We Sell Aluminum Awnings – Which Are Better Than Steel

Strong, Durable Awnings Built To Avoid Rust

A note about the materials making up the composition of Patio Shades residential and commercial awnings: The frames are composed of forged aluminum, not iron-based steel; therefore it’s superior for preventing oxidization (a fancy word for rust). Over time, rust can prevent the moving parts of a motorized or mechanical retractable awning from operating as they should, resulting in an outdoor living space that could be temporarily closed.

Acrylic Fabrics In Your Choice of Style and Color

Hand-Crafted, Above the Rest – For a Good Reason

No matter why you want a new retractable awning – whether it’s to shade your deck, porch, window, door, or any other purpose – you’ll want assurance that it’ll do the job you need it to do. In other words, you gotta make sure the awning screens out everything it’s supposed to . . . and does so for a long time to come.

That’s why Patio Shades Retractable Awnings of Maryland uses acrylic fabrics in the door and window awnings we furnish. They’re long-lasting against wear regardless of the weather, and protective against harmful ultraviolet radiation.

The Best Quality, Unbeatable Prices, and Excellent Customer Service

Patio Shades Is Your 5-Star Awning Supplier in Maryland

In today’s world, people rely on online reviews when shopping for a company to provide . . . well, pretty much anything. That’s true when you’re buying new windows, that’s true when you’re hiring contractors to install new patios – and it’s definitely true when you’re looking for a high-quality retractable awning that screens all the contents located on those patios and everything on the other side of that window.

So, look us up. Check out the reviews of our company on Google and other review sites. Clients cite our excellent customer service, our incredible selection of custom options, and our capacity to deliver top-quality awnings and canopies to homes and commercial buildings throughout Maryland from Hagerstown MD to Baltimore MD to Ocean City MD.

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