SummerSpace Pro Series Retractable Awnings

The SummerSpace® Pro Series of Retractable Awning from Patio Shades

Great Warranties, Great Fabrics, and a Great Choice for People Who Want More Choices

You can have it all. You can enjoy the Great Outdoors and still relax in total comfort, when you install a SummerSpace® Pro Series retractable awning by Patio Shades.

SummerSpace® Pro Series models raise the standard in the outdoor shading industry. The Pro Series offers a dazzling array of distinct optional features to compliment your awning selection, such as roof-mounting, a stainless steel chain tension system, and wind sensors.

Add in more than 100 exquisite fabrics to choose from, and it’s easy to see why the SummerSpace® Pro Series is the choice of homeowners who demand total customization of their motorized retractable awning.

Four Distinct Builds and Custom Options Galore

What stands out about the SummerSpace® Pro Series is the amazing variety of special options and customization features, making these awnings truly revolutionary in the shade products industry.

The Pro Series offers four different models: Full-Cassette, Semi-Cassette, Traditional, and Traditional with FlexPitch.

  1. Full-cassette awnings have a built-in aluminum hood that provides complete coverage of the fabric as well as the arms and shoulders holding the fabric, giving your awning maximum protection from the elements of weather when retracted.
  2. Semi-cassette awnings are equipped with a hood that covers the fabric when it’s rolled back up.
  3. Traditional models of SummerSpace® awnings are popular because of their clean styling and sophisticated look, without poles or supports. A wrapped front bar contributes to the awning’s seamless integration with the home or building. Traditional awnings are available in both motorized and manual crank-out functionality.
  4. Then there’s the Traditional model with FlexPitch. Raise or lower the angle of your retractable awning by turning a hand crank and adjusting the pitch of the shoulder, giving you the most shade possible – any time of day, any season of the year.

All of the above Pro Series retractable awnings by SummerSpace® come with added optional components:

Drop Screens – for additional shade when the Sun is low in the sky. Choose from six colors of Phifer Sheerweave solar mesh fabric.

Roof-Mounting Equipment – necessary when the awning apparatus requires extra space and cannot be wall-mounted.

Wind Sensors – to sense high wind speeds and automatically retract to avoid damage.

Aluminum Hoods – protect and cover the awning fabric when it’s retracted.

Chain Tension System – made of stainless steel for maximum strength, durability, and reliability.

All-Weather Remote Control – operate your awning remotely in any weather.

Customize the Size of Your Retractable Awning

Size matters, and the major benefit of the Pro Series by SummerSpace® available from Patio Shades is that your awning comes in any size you want!

With width increments by the inch up to 26 inches, and fabric projection (coverage) ranges from 5’9″ to 13’2″, Patio Shades sells fully customized awnings that exactly match your specified dimensions – so you get as much protection as you need.

Customize the Color of Your Retractable Awning

The fabric of your retractable awning means everything. Your choice of fabric decides the color, texture, and overall look-and-feel of your awning.

Choosing the right fabric is important. It reveals a lot about your style – whether you want to be subdued and understated, or bold and full of flair.

Let’s face it: Motorized retractable awnings get noticed. You’ll want family, guests, and passersby to see your home just the way you’ve always imagined it.

That’s why every fabric option in the SummerSpace® Pro Series of motorized retractable awning is beyond reproach. Only fabrics of the absolute highest quality – made by Tempotest®, the industry leader in manufacturing fine fabrics for awnings – may drape across a SummerSpace® awning.

With more than 100 fabric selections to choose from, you’ll find your favorite color among the rainbow of colors on offer by SummerSpace®. That includes 16 textures and tweeds, more than 30 solid colors from Sunshine to Midnight Blue and Sequoia to Sapphire, and over 70 stripe combinations.

But wait – there’s more! SummerSpace® Pro Series awning fabrics are also available in rich Earth-tone linen weaves, combining colors together in a crisp, woven texture: Sand Dune, Toasted Sesame, Cobble Stone, Charcoal, and Brushed Silver.

Keep Your (Awning) Motor Running

SummerSpace® retractable awnings from Patio Shades are “Outdoor Living Redefined.” Better components, better fabrics, and a better motor to make it work.

Just another way awnings made by SummerSpace® are simple, reliable, and affordable.

Run your awning with a quiet, hidden tubular motor, which you can control with an all-weather remote. It’s easy to operate – just plug the cord into an outlet, no electrician required.

Plus, for added safety and control, there’s a manual override loop that allows the awning to be retracted in case of a power outage.

The Best Warranties in the Retractable Awning Business

Patio Shades Retractable Awnings is committed to the highest standards of quality. That means we stand behind our products and our services.

Of course, when you sell retractable awnings by SummerSpace®, it’s easy to feel confident about the quality you’re giving your customers.

The list of warranties we offer cannot be beat:

  • 15-year warranty on your awning’s drop-forged aluminum frame
  • 10-year warranty on your awning’s Tempotest® fabric
  • 7-year warranty on your awning’s motor – 40% longer than the industry average
  • 2-year warranty on professional awning installation by Patio Shades


Installing Your Awning: Do It Yourself, or Get Help From the Pros

Just like everything else about Patio Shades, the choice is yours when it comes to installation.

You can install your new awning on your home, get our recommendation for a local contractor, or let Patio Shades’ professionals perform the install. Patio Shades brings more than 20 years of hands-on experience in the installation of motorized and manual awnings, and we’re fully insured.

It typically takes about two hours to install a new retractable awning, so not only do we make installation easy and fast, we also offer a two-year warranty on workmanship.

One Call Puts You In the Shade!

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