Awning Design MD

For an awning with the design you desire in MD, look no further than PatioShades Retractable Awnings, serving all of Maryland, as well as the Washington DC region. For large industrial-scale buildings, for condominiums, for storefronts and for your outdoor deck, sunroom or patio, Patio Shades is the best awnings solution you can find.

Why? Because of choice. With Patio Shades Awnings, the decision as to color, style, size and type are entirely up to you, as the homeowner or businessowner. As you can see by clicking and scanning around our interactive website, (or, equivalently, our Awnings Architect can assist you in pinpointing the right choices for your window- or door-shading scenario, helping you make all the correct calls in the total customization of your newly added feature.

Moreover, Patio Shades offers choice when it comes to installation, too. Whether you own an industrial complex in northern Maryland, a split-level home in central Maryland or a walk-in storefront in southern Maryland, the awnings-hanging experts available to PatioShades Retractable Awnings are made available to you, too. If you prefer not to do it yourself – although DIYers can and do install our awnings themselves, because it’s easy to do and we make sure the fit is right – you can contact us for assistance with that all-important final step of the process, the step that turns your wish into a reality and enhances the value and attractiveness of your Maryland property. In essence, PatioShades Awnings is here to help MD.

With Patio Shades Retractable Awnings, you can get it all. You can actually realize the dream of welcoming friends, neighbors and customers into your home, patio, deck, porch, breezeway or business entrance, while at the same time providing your patrons and acquaintances with no small amount of protection from the beating sun or the unending deluge of dead leaves. Patio Shades offers the best solution, with the best products, at the best prices, coming with the best service. It’s why we can say with pride that Patio Shades provides motorized retractable awnings, pergolas, window shades and the full range of shading solutions that are Hand-Crafted, Above The Rest™.

The first step is to look through our website here at and investigate the wide range of selections for color, style, material and fit. Together with our Awnings Architect, we wholly customize your awning so that what you want is precisely what you get. Furthermore, we show you exactly how to make the measurements that will ensure that what you get is what you can use on your home, store, office or business.

Should you require further assistance with the actual implementation and installation of your new window and door shading from PatioShades, we are here to serve in that regard too. From anywhere in Maryland or the greater Pennsylvania, DC, Maryland metropolitan area, please call us at (703) 520-1983 (or toll-free at 1-844-NU-PATIO), or e-mail us, and request a connection to a local, reputable expert who can provide the expertise you need to complete that final step and make your wish for a stylish, distinctive, unique, useful awning into a reality you and your family, employees and customers will be happy to live and work with.

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