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Patio Shades is the premier provider of top-quality, highly functional awnings, arbors, shades, pergolas, and canopies. We sell shade solutions to protect outside doors, windows, patios, and decks from the harsh elements of our Mid-Atlantic weather. We serve all of Maryland, supplying the best awnings and working with the best contractors, catering to the needs and demands of residential and commercial clients from Frederick County to Baltimore MD.

When your Maryland storefront wants to welcome more customers to its door, or your Baltimore apartment building needs a more welcoming atmosphere hanging over its windows, or your Frederick office complex should have the extra added touch of branded curtains, these are all good reasons for your company to consult the Awnings Architect at That’s what we call our helpful online service that helps you choose your customized awning purchase, making absolutely certain we know what you want and you know what you’re getting.

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Here’s the journey that your new customized motorized or mechanical awning takes to arrive atop your door or window in Frederick MD:

First, the property owner selects the colors, style, materials, and functionality of their new awning, using our specialized Awnings Architect.

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Second, the property owner or homeowner gives us the right measurements for your custom awning – Frank the Flamingo, who’s a super-relaxed pink bird chilling with a beverage beneath his own awning, helps you out with that in the Measurement section of our website. He’ll help you obtain the proper measurements for your new awnings, whether you’re looking to place them over a door, windows, deck, or some other location.

Then, our company gets down to business. Working in partnership with SummerSpace® – a leading manufacturer of high-quality, long-lasting, reliable, durable, beautiful awnings and protective shade products made of the finest fabrics and most durable drop-forged aluminum frames – the experts at Patio Shades hand-craft your brand new awning and prepares it for final install on your Frederick MD house or business.

If you’re into do-it-yourself projects and you’re in the market for a motorized awning project, you may be eligible to receive an add-on wireless motion detector. This handy device will automatically roll up your motorized awning in the event some of that foul weather Maryland is famous for threatens to blow down your precious awning feature, damaging it and possibly surrounding property. Inquire with us for details about this option.

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Retractable awning installation is a snap, and you can do it yourself if you so choose. If you prefer not to, give us a call at 1-844-NU-PATIO. We’ll put you in touch with qualified local contractors doing business in the Frederick MD and Baltimore MD areas, trained local pros who can install your new awning from Patio Shades.

Or, in certain cases, Patio Shades can help you directly in getting your commercial or residential awnings installed – along with our special installation warranty that’s rare to find among Maryland awning companies.

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Patio Shades is your go-to awning company in Maryland. No matter your location – whether you live in Urbana, or own an office complex in the outskirts of Baltimore or run a restaurant in downtown Frederick, Patio Shades is the awning company to turn to when you need competitive prices on high-quality awnings to shade doors, windows, patios, and decks. We make it our business to serve the needs of Frederick MD homeowners and fellow companies.

Living in Frederick MD, we know all too well that we get plenty of rain in the spring and sun in the summer. That’s why homeowners and businesses throughout Frederick County and around Maryland call Patio Shades at 1-844-NU-PATIO about their desired awning projects – because sometimes curtains just aren’t enough.

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Awnings and canopies aren’t hard to find – but 5-star awning companies are. Patio Shades is committed to absolute customer satisfaction on every commercial or home project. That’s why we work with the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality, durable, attractive, reliable awnings made of the finest materials. We make sure all projects go the way the property owner wants.

There’s good reason why our overall rating is so high when you look at verified reviews online. It’s because Patio Shades sells top-of-the-line awnings, pergolas and more shade solutions that homeowners and businesses both need – and at competitive prices, too. (Compare quotes and see for yourself.)

When you care about genuine quality, dependable service, and total customer satisfaction, you get a successful awning company like Patio Shades of Frederick MD.

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Patio Shades awnings are Hand-Crafted, Above The Rest™ because we offer the best selection of the best products, providing the best service and dealing with the best manufacturers and contract installers.

That’s how we’ve established Patio Shades as the premier retractable awning company, that’s why we’ve earned so many repeat customers, and that’s what makes us the company Frederick MD calls for the best in residential and commercial awnings.

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