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It’s Patio Shades Awnings for Sun Protection & for Curb Appeal

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In Bethesda, you got it made in the shade.

Looking for cover from the beating sun? Patio Shades Retractable Awnings has the premier solution for enjoying the Great Outdoors without enduring the harshness of Old Sol.

Our exquisite lineup of world-class awnings are made to perform two important functions simultaneously:

  1. Protect from the sun
  2. Look good while doing so

For residential homeowners and commercial business owners both, Patio Shades provides unparalleled style and unmatched protection. See for yourself the positive impact a brand new awning project can make.

In Bethesda, Awnings Bring a Little of the Indoors Outside

Cover & Protect Your Roof, Patios, Wood Decks, Windows & Doors

We’ve found that living and working in Bethesda, awnings are a virtual necessity. Especially in the summer but even in the winter, awnings offer a level of protection that no other feature can.

What else allows you to step outside and enjoy the sights, smells and feel of the Great Outdoors without being assaulted by the insidious rays of the penetrating sun? By allowing you to step right outside onto your decks or patios without needing to worry about slathering on sunscreen, that awning is worth the cost right there.

Enjoy the outdoors with the added comfort of shade. Consider replacing your previous awning and installing a new one at your Bethesda house or place of business.

The Fabric Awnings & Metal Awnings Sold by Patio Shades are Truly World-Class

There’s a Reason Why We Say Our Awnings are Hand-Crafted, Above the Rest

You will not find awnings superior to those for sale in Bethesda MD by Patio Shades. You won’t. You can’t.

The awnings we sell are hand-crafted by the world’s leading manufacturers, including industry leader SummerSpace®. The acrylic fabric of the canvas is Italian-made, and the drop-forged aluminum has been hammered perfectly into place by American craftsmen, making a precise fit for your exact dimensions.

With industry-leading strength and quality, Patio Shades Retractable Awnings offers the best shading solutions at the best price.

Better Awnings for Better Business!

Make Your Storefront, Restaurant or Office Property More Attractive With Custom Awnings

Awnings aren’t just for Bethesda homeowners – au contraire. A tremendous variety of for-profit commercial enterprises take advantage of the visibility of awnings to attract more foot traffic to their door.

Our world-class, extremely durable, fabric-and-metal awnings are perfect for any Bethesda MD business that depends upon street-level visibility. Patio Shades awnings can be custom-fabricated with any color scheme, color combo or company logo, and are eye-catching features to install over your entranceway doors or windows.

Get more customers through your door and give your Bethesda business an edge against the competition. Consult with Patio Shades for customized commercial retractable awnings that’ll get your business noticed.

The Best Awnings in the Entire Bethesda MD Area

From Baltimore to Silver Spring, Patio Shades Has Maryland Covered

Patio Shades has sold retractable awnings to Bethesda homeowners for years . . . and we look forward to making your home look a little bit better, too.

We deliver to any location in the Bethesda MD and Greater Washington DC metropolitan region:

  • Frederick MD
  • Poolesville MD
  • College Park MD
  • Silver Spring MD
  • Columbia MD
  • Laurel MD
  • Baltimore MD

Wherever you live in the Free State, Patio Shades is the company with the most durable awnings for sale in Maryland.

Need Help Installing Your Retractable Awning? Ask Patio Shades!

We Have Access to the Best Awning Installers in Bethesda MD

You have choices when it comes to the installation of your brand new awning. You can:

  • Do it yourself
  • Hire a certified awning installer from the Bethesda area (we have a list of top contractors)
  • Let Patio Shades install your awning

If you choose to have Patio Shades perform your awning installation, you’ll get a insured team of contractors with more than 20 years’ experience – and you’ll get a two-year warranty on any residential install.

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Hire Patio Shades To Manufacture, Deliver & Install the Best Retractable Awnings in Bethesda MD

It’s easy to take the first step toward a major fashion statement and sound investment on your Bethesda house or business. Just request a free estimate from Patio Shades’ certified awning contractors.

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We look forward to your inquiry, and our sales team is prepared to discuss pricing, timing, customization, installation services, and anything about awnings.

See the difference Patio Shades will have on your house or place of business in Bethesda, Maryland. There’s nothing like a top-quality shade at a reasonable cost.


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