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Let your imagination go wherever it wants.

Think about your home or place of business. Now imagine what you, as the owner, could install to make your home even more livable, attractive, comfortable, inviting, and valuable.

What comes to mind? A new awning installation, we bet!

Awnings are wonderful accessories. In a place like Baltimore MD, awnings provide shade from harsh sunlight, shelter from rain and snow, and protection from UV radiation. Plus, awnings can come with a motor with a sensor which can engage the motor, unfurling and furling the awning as it senses necessary.

In addition to all that, awnings help the owner save on energy costs, reducing the need for air conditioning and keeping your home or porch at a more moderate temperature throughout the day and all year long. Now that’s throwing some shade!

Once the awning install is completed, tested as fully functional, and put into service by professional installers – and Patio Shades will be happy to connect you with certified pros in your area, whether that’s Frostburg or Annapolis or Baltimore MD – you’ll instantly enjoy all the benefits awnings have to offer.

Just check out our website, With the demonstrated savings on energy costs, the attraction of having more shade, and the amazingly innovative craftsmanship, Patio Shades awning products sell themselves. But we’re here to answer all your questions anyway.

What Awnings Do for a Building (and the People Inside)

In MD, especially urbanized areas like Frederick and Annapolis and Silver Spring and Baltimore MD, it can get hot. Sometimes shade is the only way to have it made.

But the kind of shade matters – a lot. In fact, it’s the materials that your awnings are made of which determine the level of quality they offer and the likelihood that they’ll need maintenance.

The service awnings provide is invaluable. Whether it’s protecting a residential doorway in Bel Air MD, or a or overseeing the busy entrance of a Baltimore MD restaurant business, an awning attracts traffic to your door, invites people in, and makes them feel comfortable and at home before they ever set foot in the building.

That’s just some of the things awnings can do.

The experts at Patio Shades – led by our Awnings Architect – are your guide to the right awning products for you. We know what’s available and how to get it at a great rate, and we offer premium advice to ensure you get the style, color, and materials you want.

Beat the heat in MD and stay cool with industry-leading, best-in-class awnings from Patio Shades Awnings.

From Oakland to Ocean City: Anywhere in Maryland Where Rain Falls and the Sun Shines

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Maryland is a great state. It packs a punch beyond its weight, being relatively small yet extending from ocean to mountain – and with plenty of culture and history mixed in. Patio Shades is proud to be Maryland’s residential awning company.

We know the Old Line State well. You’ll find a Patio Shade awning installed on residential homes and commercial businesses in Cumberland and Easton, Waldorf and Westminster, and all over Baltimore MD. Our awning products and canopies are in use over windows, doors, and covered walkways around Hagerstown and Hyattsville, Elkton and Salisbury, Towson and Bethesda.

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Patio Shades Delivers Unfailing Attention to Design & Awnings that Add Value

Whether your looking for retractable motorized awnings or stationary aluminum awnings, Patio Shades has all the requirements to meet to all your residential and commercial awning needs – and we mean all.

With access to world-class awnings and with combined locations throughout the United States, Patio Shades is the premier awning company in Baltimore MD and throughout the state. There’s a reason customers from around the Free State call us for commercial and residential awnings and canopies – in fact, there are many reasons. But primary among them is the fact that those homeowners and business owners are guaranteed to have an awning installed on their house, building, or investment property that exactly matches the style, color, size, and fabric materials they want – while being low-maintenance, coming with first-rate warranties, and requiring few if any repairs!

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